NEW ORLEANS -- The LSU baseball team could be on its way to winning its 7th National Championship. And this Monday, fans were ready to show their support.

From flags to merchandise, Tigers baseball supporter brought out their swag to put their pride on display.

Fans have their set their hopes on high, as LSU is among the teams with the most appearances in the series. So, while it doesn't quite have the popularity that LSU football does, with so many titles, some say maybe it is time for a change.

"I'm a fan I'm a big LSU fan," said Pam Randazza.

You don't have to tell Pam Randazza twice.

"This could be our 7th championship," she said.

Randazza has had a long line of family members attend the university, and she runs a Black and Gold a sports shop that carries Saints as well as LSU gear, that helps to cheer on the family legacy.

"We have the baseball jersey," she showed us.

Randazza says the gold jersey might carry a bit of luck, as it's traditionally the color worn at home at the end of a series. And that's why she says it's been a popular item.

"I'm looking to get a world series cap," said Guy Guffey, who was also in the shop to pick up some gear.

A little bit of luck is what Guy Guffey is hoping to pick-up.

"I'm so excited I've been waiting for them to go back to the world series for two years, three years," said Guffey.

The rush has been steady with baseball fans coming in. But Randazza says she expects a couple of busy days, especially if the Tigers hit it out of the park for the series.