NEW ORLEANS -- Sidney Torres has a lot of titles -- trash guru, developer, reality TV star -- but one he won't add is mayor.

Torres announced Friday in a video on his Facebook page that he won't launch a mayoral campaign, laying to rest months of speculation that he might do so.

"Like many of our citizens, though, I am frustrated by a lack of leadership, selfish political posturing, and an unwillingness to find collaborative solutions to age old problems," he wrote in a post under the video. "Therefore, even though I will not be a candidate for our city's top job, I will do everything possible to ensure that the next mayor wants the responsibility, not just the title.

On Wednesday, word began to spread in some circles that he had decided against running. At the time, he told WWL-TV he was "still processing" a run.

Later that night, he published a post on Facebook in which he said it was "disappointing" he had to address "dirty politics" before making a decision.

He wrote that he produced two commercials -- one saying he has decided to run and another saying he hasn't -- and sent both to local TV stations to hold until he made up his mind.

"Suspiciously, the one indicating that I would not run was leaked to political operatives," Torres wrote. "While that may be some politician's or powerbroker's hope, I have not made a final decision, and as I have noted all along will not make a final decision until Friday."

Qualifying continues until 4:30 p.m. Friday.