NEW ORLEANS -- Two tourists were beaten and robbed while walking to their hotel. The attack is violent and the video is disturbing to watch. But, New Orleans Police say this kind of attack isn't the norm for the French Quarter.

"We don't think this is a pattern of incidents happening in the French Quarter. We know that overall, we're trending down but this is a pretty bad attack," said NOPD 8th District Commander Nicholas Gernon.

According to NOPD, violent crime is down about 39%, simple robberies are down about 40% and armed robberies are down about 45%.

One woman, Shannon Stewart, said her friend say the violent attack on Saturday that left two men injured, one still in critical condition.

"She was walking and she witnessed four guys hit two dudes over the head and she walked over to help the one dude and she called police and the ambulance came and they had to take him to the hospital," said Stewart.

Which was scary for the 31-year-old because she was nearby when it happened.

"Saturday night, I was at the hotel staying the night and my friend texted me and she's like 'this just happened around the corner from you,'" said Stewart. "Somebody just come up and beat you upside the head. It's messed up."

And it may shake you up a bit. But, this attack doesn't seem to be making visitors feel unsafe.

"I think it's a comfortable place to walk around and it's enough police presence that makes us feel more secure. I feel very comfortable here," said Jessica Cloud, visiting from Pensicola, Florida.

"I don't know how you prepare for getting blind sighted like that but you always want to be looking around you and be aware of your surroundings," said Cory Ley, from Seattle, Washington.