NEW ORLEANS -- Dozens of unhappy motorists were dealing with nails in their tires and repair shops locally were busy after a truck carrying thousands of nails in a couple of buckets lost them on I-10 eastbound near the I-10/610 split midday Tuesday.

All traffic lanes re-opened just after 4 p.m.Tuesday.

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Traffic headed towards New Orleans from Metairie was backed up for several miles for hours as the three lanes of traffic headed toward I-610 were being forced to merge with the three lanes of traffic on I-10.

Clean up crews were trying to sweep the nails off to the side, but rain was adding to the problems, making it hard to sweep them to the side.

Aaron Ramsey said he was one of the first to make it through after the nails were spilled. He counted 41 nails in three of his tires, which he had changed at a shop on the west bank. Ramsey said he had tire insurance, but others were likely not so lucky.

Other drivers told Eyewitness News that they headed to nearby shops in Metairie and New Orleans.

"I thought it was some trash or debris, something small like that,” said Shafer Mendoza, who said he had seven nails in his tires. “Then we all started slowing down and I realized it was nails sticking up.”

State Police spokesperson Melissa Matey said that the driver of the vehicle that lost the buckets of nails was charged with having an unsecured load.

She said the incident is considered a road hazard and that those who had tire damage needed to contact their insurance company.