NEW ORLEANS -- A semi-truck was stuck at the intersection of Third and Laurel for the second time in about three months.

The large truck got stuck on an oak tree around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and remained wedged under the tree for four hours.

Truck driver John Love was dropping off a delivery at Building Supply on Tchoupitoulas. He said his GPS sent him down Third Street and he did not see any signs warning trucks not to continue down the road.

When he realized his truck would not make it through, it was too late.

"By the time I stopped and pulled my break, the old tree completely snapped," Love said.

Resident Cosmo Marino watched it happen.

"It shook the ground. It sounded like a 'boom,' Marino said.

Love apologized for any inconvenience the incident caused.

"I'm real sorry for the people around and the time it took for them to get the truck out," Love said.

Crews were finally able to free the truck, but they were not able to save the tree. Love said he felt terrible about it.

"The old tree got torn down now and I just hope I don't lose my job over it," Love said.

The intersection of Third and Laurel has been plagued by problems over the last few months. Two trucks have now gotten stuck on the corner and a pothole opened up that was so big residents turned it into a patio.

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On Wednesday, crews cut up the tree and the driver continued on his way. He says he hopes Building Supply will stop sending deliveries down Third Street.

"I'm not trying to pass the buck or anything but it is a situation the community might want to consider," Love said.

While he's worried about his job, the driver says he's relieved the accident wasn't worse.

"Trucks can be replaced, people can't," Love said.

Residents say they're angry that truck drivers continue to use Third Street as a cut through to Tchoupitoulas. They say they're working on getting signs put up closing the residential street to trucks.