People from across the country are on the Gulf Coast for one of Mississippi's biggest events and fundraisers of the year, even as Tropical Storm Nate approaches.

More than 8,000 car enthusiasts are enjoying the cloudless skies across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Cars from the 1920s through the 1980s are on display for the annual "Cruisin' the Coast." People from across the U.S. drove their prize possessions to the area for American's largest block party from Bay Saint Louis to Pascagoula.

"Thank you. Thank you very much," said Elvis look-a-like Carey Lufkin of Tennessee.

"There was a guy with a Nova, came all the way from Germany," staff member Juanita Lafontaine exclaimed.

Entire families, like one from St. Bernard, come every year and stay an entire week, and bring some of "da parish" with them.

"We got boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp mold, shrimp casserole, barbecue shrimp, shrimp kabobs, shrimp salad, that's just about everything you can do with shrimp," said St. Bernard resident David Dardar, imitating the line from the movie 'Forest Gump.'

But while those hot for wheels are looking at engines, the mayor of Biloxi is looking at the satellite and a possible date with 'Nate' and is using social media and flyers left on cars for people to consider their fate before it's too late.

Mississippi Emergency Management is warning people on the Gulf Coast to take this approaching storm seriously, because drownings and tornadoes can happen even in weaker storms.

"Well we gotta keep and eye on it. It's a storm in the Gulf and the way it looks, I'll probably have to pack it up a little early and cut our trip short," Dardar said.

"The weather's going to get bad Saturday, so we're going to take our cars home, give us enough time, you know, wind down and pack up everything, and get back to the parish," said Corey Jeanfreau of St. Bernard.

But others prefer to wait.

"We had more rain in the city last week than what this is going to bring, a number one," Said Mike Scott of St. Bernard talking about the predicted category of the storm.

"We gonna have a hurricane party and sing rock and roll, ha ha yeah," Lufkin laughed.

Cruisin' the Coast is scheduled to go through Sunday. To follow any changes or cancellations: