NEW ORLEANS -- Four college students are suddenly homeless after a fire destroyed the Uptown home they were living in.

Boarded up doors, yellow tape and a charred roof is all that remains of a home on the 2100 block of Calhoun street.

A two-alarm fire broke out Monday night, destroying a home where four Tulane University students lived.

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"Everything is just so destroyed from the smoke and the fire," Tulane Student Kylie Shadle said.

Shadle was not home at the time, but her roommate Gabby was.

"She was doing some homework in the house and heard some popping noises in the basement and went to investigate it and couldn't figure out what it was or smell anything or hear anything else," Shadle said. "Then when she went back upstairs, she just saw all this smoke coming out from the bottom of the house and then five or six minutes later she saw all these flames."

Bobby Martin, who lives next door, rushed to his friend's side.

"I saw the flames and I saw one of the roommates Gabby outside and crying, screaming, and immediately I rushed over and tried to assess the scene," Martin said.

Shadle said since the fire, their sadness hits each of the women in waves.

"The firefighters said if she (Gabby) hadn't called when she did, the fire could've taken out, like this whole block of houses," Shadle said.

Her friends are glad to know they are okay.

"I am glad I am talking about how they are all four safe and how they are not all dead. That would be, that would be crushing you know," Martin said.

Firefighters even managed to save their pet bunny.

"We got a text after they put the fire out saying the bunny was okay and they showed us a little picture of the firefighter with the bunny in his arms with the oxygen," Shadle said.

With finals approaching and most of their belongings destroyed, Shadle knows the stress is far from over, however, she is grateful to the firemen, police and the people in the community who have stepped up during their time of need.

"Literally right after it happened, we had so many people coming up to us in the street," Shadle said. "Just giving us love and telling us they can do anything for us. It's just so incredible. The community here at Tulane and New Orleans."

If you'd like to donate to the students, click here to visit a GoFundMe started for them.

If you'd to donate clothes to the four women, their sizes can be found below:

Kylie:small, pant 4-5, shoe 7.5

Gabby: medium, pant 7-8, shoe 8

Amy: small/medium, pant 6, shoe 7

Kallin: medium/large, shoe 9

You can also email Kylie Shadle at: