WWL TV broke the news to parents Wednesday after school that two teachers were arrested after failing to report a sexual assault of a student.

Parents said school officials had yet to notify them about the arrests.

"I didn't know about that, wow, what a shocker," parent Tracey Williams said.

Other parents had heard rumors about the bathroom assault.

"I was kinda upset about it because where were the teachers at when that went on?" Parent Tremethia Boykins said.

Police arrested Nicole Kusmirek and Shayla Shane and charged them with failing to report child abuse and possession of child pornography. Nandi Campbell, the attorney for the two women, said the teachers confiscated a students' video of the bathroom assault to prevent the footage from spreading through out the school. She says the child pornography charge is vindictive.

"It's over reaching, I'm not sure why they did it, I think it's heavy handed, I know it's heavy handed to mark these teachers," Campbell said.

Parents told Eyewitness News they're glad the teachers are now facing consequences for their actions.

"They need to be arrested, some kind of punishment needs to be done," Williams said. Williams also added that despite this incident, she'd had nothing but positive experiences with the school.

"This is a good school, my grand baby goes here and I don't have any problems with it," Williams said.

As the case works its way through the legal system, parents hope the victim can get closure and the school can move on.

"All we can do is just keep going forward then, I don't know," Williams said.

Campbell said the day the incident happened, the teachers in question spoke to the parents of the students involved. She says the teachers wanted to handle this within the school. Investigators say the teachers were legally obligated to contact police.