NEW ORLEANS (WWL-TV) -- Every year, crawfish season brings the seasonal mania for mudbugs and each year there are more markets, restaurants and bars stepping up to fill the niche. Here are four spots across the map of the metro area to add to your list as you make the rounds this season.

Rivershack Tavern Gretna

714 1st St., Gretna, 504-325-5530

The original Rivershack in Old Jefferson added seasonal boils to its repertoire of burgers, fried seafood and bar snacks few years back. Now the Shack has expanded across the river to Gretna, where this second edition is perched just across the street from the levee and has a rooftop patio for a view of the New Orleans skyline. Like the original, the crawfish boils always draw a crowd.


1525 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, 504-267-7765

This 24-hour combination deli/Laundromat is fairly new to the crawfish circuit, but it has caught on quick and keeps growing. When you’re looking for crawfish quick – live or boiled, early or late – this can be a clutch option. For dining in, there’s a colorful dining room and bar decorated with work from local artists.

Crab Trap Seafood Restaurant

105 Gary Rd., LaPlace, 985-224-2000

This one counts as the return of an old favorite. The original Crab Trap was wiped out by Hurricane Isaac in 2012, but now it’s back in a new location just across the street in the little lakefront community of Frenier, right outside LaPlace. The setting is as rustic as a fishing camp, and the boiled seafood is as expertly done as ever.

Bevi Seafood Co.

236 Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, 504-488-7503

Bevi took over the old River Pond seafood on Airline Drive in Metairie, and upped its game considerably. Now it’s doubled down at the former K-Jean’s Seafood in Mid-City. It’s part seafood market and part deli, with boiled seafood and po-boys that go from classic (fried seafood, roast beef) to modern (boiled shrimp with fried green tomato). Like the original location in Metairie, the boiling operation is first rate and this one is larger too.