NEW ORLEANS -- As of Thursday night, the Sewerage and Water Board is testing the damaged turbine to see if it's ready to be brought fully online.

According to City Officials, crews worked day and night to bring the turbine back online after an "incident," originally reported as a fire, brought the turbine offline. In addition, the city ordered 26 generators as a failsafe incase power from Entergy drops. Some of those generators have arrived, according to city officials, and crews are currently assessing how long it will take to get them online.

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The city sent out an emergency alert to the phones of most residents at 3 a.m. Three of the five power-generating turbines at the Sewerage & Water Board's South Claiborne Avenue plant were already offline when the fire broke out in one of the last remaining turbines about 8 p.m. Wednesday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

Officials later said the one remaining turbine could power 38 of the 58 pumps on the west side of the Industrial Canal on the east bank.

Following the announcement, several New Orleans area schools announced closures due to the potential of possible flooding. Click here for a full updated list of school closures.