NEW ORLEANS – Uptown residents are being told to watch out for a peeping Tom.

Some college students near Burthe and Lowerline have heard of the reports and others say they may have encountered him.

"There was a guy staring into an apartment complex right there on that corner,” resident McCraney Ezell said.

It has made some nervous.

"I know my house, a lot of bedrooms are on the ground floor," another resident said.

Earlier on Tuesday, New Orleans Police released video of the suspect roaming around outside a home in the Uptown area.

Here is what is scarier for Quinn Moore. She says she ran into a man behaving oddly a couple of months back late at night.

"We were walking, and he kept walking that way too and then we went down towards Pine, and he kind of ducked into some place,” Moore said.

She is not sure if the man was the suspect because she says it was too dark to make out much.

For now the video released by police is the only clue that NOPD and Tulane Police have to work with in the case, but they hope that someone may recognize the suspect.

"It's a little concerning especially because I have a lot of friends and classmates that live on this block,” another resident said.

Some say it is a good time to watch out for one another as police are still looking to make an arrest.

Police say the man is a white man, in his mid 20s. He is described as being 6’1’’ to 6’3’’ and was last seen wearing a red T-shirt, blue spandex shorts and flip flops.