NEW ORLEANS – As of Friday night, a hurricane watch stretches from Florida’s panhandle to coastal Louisiana as Tropical Storm Nate heads toward the Gulf coast.

The storm surge expected from the storm is forcing evacuations in parts of New Orleans.

In places along Nate’s path, the storm surge could be as high as 10 feet and to make that more dangerous, the water will rise overnight.

"It bears repeating, this will be a nighttime event. Do not attempt to drive on flooded roads,” Governor John Bel Edwards said during a Friday afternoon press conference.

Edwards told residents in the coastal parishes and in the Southeastern part of the state to not leave their homes late Saturday afternoon and evening. Officials say that some may be left without power for up to a week due to Nate’s strong winds.

Edwards has already declared a state of emergency and Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that he is confident the city of New Orleans can handle the storm.