CHALMETTE -- Videos showing what looked to be neon green water in Chalmette began surfacing Wednesday, leaving people wondering what kind of strange chemicals were leaking into their drinking water.

"It sure looks like there's a lot of it," resident John Jones said. "And that's our drinking water."

Chalmette residents say given the issues with water in New Orleans, they don't want to take any chances.

"There are a lot of strange things happening, especially what just happened with the New Orleans water," Youtong Willcocks said.

Jones agreed.

"It's concerning, especially with that dead water we got out there in the gulf, we don't need any more of it," Jones said.

Eyewitness News put a call into the St. Bernard Parish Office of Home Land Security. They told us the Chalmette Refinery built a new tank and needed to test it for leaks. They used a green food coloring that is non-toxic and not harmful to wildlife.

Then the Chalmette Refinery told us this themselves:

"It's not harmful to the environment, it's not harmful to people, it's not harmful to animals," Elizabeth Ellison-Frost with Chalmette Refinery said.

So, in the end, we were able to verify that the mysterious green substance is just a dye.

Officials say the green color will work its way out of the water in a couple of days.