NEW ORLEANS, La. – For New Orleans, Halloween attracts thousands from all over the world. With so many people in the French Quarter expected, the New Orleans Police Department is taking extra steps to help ensure peoples’ safety.

From Frankenstein to the tooth fairy, the French Quarter was filled with frights and delights Tuesday.

“We’ve seen everything!” said Cori Charvat from Colorado. “Marie Antoinette, and a lot of super heroes, we saw the Pink Panther yesterday which was crazy.”

However, with so many people downtown, and with news of New York City’s terror attack, security was a big concern for many.

"Well, we're taking precautions,” said New Orleans resident, Dawn Verret. “We're staying with crowds, and I’m listening out, we’re watching, just having a good time but being smart about it."

The New Orleans Police Department addressed the issue earlier in the day, saying extra precautions were being taken including adding lights, extra patrol and road blockades.

"This will prevent vehicles from being able to get on Bourbon and perhaps interact with pedestrians and potentially get somebody hurt,” said Nicholas Gernon, Commander of the 8th District.

The security measures were welcomed by visitors, like Jaclyn Lima, who works in New York close to where the attack happened.

"It's really eerie,” she said. “Really eerie to be here and see it on TV."

Seeing what police have done here, helped put her at ease.

"Security, in a sense, like with cameras and other things have been definitely stepped up,” she added. “I know that down here people look out for each other and that's kind of the culture, so hopefully in the sense if anything were to happen like in a terrorist sense, then everyone would have each other."

For a night that’s usually filled with tricks and treats, many in New Orleans say this Halloween, they’re extra thankful.

"The best thing we can do is get out and keep living,” said Charvat. “The best way to honor the people who've been in bad situations I think."

"With everything that's happening in the other cities and acts of domestic terrorism or international terrorism, we can’t let it win we have to do our own thing, we have to enjoy life we have to keep going and just be careful,” said Verret.