NEW ORLEANS – Dozens of volunteers were in Mid-City on Saturday helping to clean up litter and dirt around catch basins.

The NOLA Trash Mob focused on Mid-City because the area has seen extensive flooding this summer due to the city’s pumps at reduced capacity.

Some of the volunteers included Jenny Simoneaux and her kickball team.

“It's a good opportunity to give back and we are all used to being out in the heat anyway cause that's when we play kickball! So, here we are,” Simoneaux said.

The NOLA Trash Mob cleans up the streets of New Orleans every year. Volunteers said that they were able to clean several catch basins, but could not get to all of them.

“There have been a handful of catch basins on the block that we a have been able to actually clean up. Others that we have documented for clean up,” volunteer Jonathan Rogers said.

Patrick Armstrong, of the NOLA Trash Mob, said there was a specific reason the group chose intersection of Broad and Banks Street as one of the areas to clean.

“This is a very littered part of the neighborhood, and part of the problem is it's been here for so long. So we are the cavalry to come in pick up the stuff, put it in one place so city can come out and collect just the trash bags in the piles that we create,” Armstrong said.

The group was able to pick up about one ton of trash in just two hours.

Armstrong said it is up to residents to really make a change in reducing the amount of litter in the city.

“The culture change of don't throw your trash on the ground. that is a personal responsibility, community responsibility, city responsibility. And we are hoping what we are doing is going to inspire more people to go out to their block, clean out their block, and help the city help us live in a cleaner place,” Armstrong said.

For more information visit NOLA Trash Mob on Facebook.