NEW ORLEANS, La. - From live performances to creepy graveyards, Voodoo Fest is something that attracts thousands of people to New Orleans every single year.

"I like the atmosphere, the people are really great," said Roxane Sizemore, "All the people like setups, they have is really cool to be honest with you."

Several partygoers also came out sporting their Halloween costumes a few days early.

"So right now I'm a dead frat boy. You know, so I have your typical frat attire with some blood and some stains all over me," New Orleans resident Colton Gray said.

"The weather is amazing right now. Halloween just brings out even more crazies. I guess you could say. And everybody dresses up. It's really cool," Sizemore said.

The mega concert is just one of several events taking place in New Orleans this weekend. Leaders with New Orleans tourism marketing corportation say hotels surrounding the downtown New Orleans area are close to full occupancy. Many at the event say the history and awesome things happening in town make the cresecent city their number one destination this time of the year.

"It's just a good time. Everyone gets together. Dances. And just has a lot of fun," New Orleans resident Paul Roach said.

Voodoo Fest ends Sunday.