FRANKLINTON -- A Washington Parish teenager picked up on a warrant allegedly headbutted a deputy while resisting arrest.

According to the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to Pine High School after someone spotted a suspicious vehicle parking behind the school around 5 a.m. on Monday.

When the deputies arrived, they found 18-year-old Henry Banard Darling standing near a pickup truck parked near the welding shop. When deputies asked him why he was there, Darling told them he was picking up some angle iron for a friend.

One of the deputies took Darling's drivers license and checked his name for outstanding warrants. Police say he had one for contempt for court, careless operation of a motor vehicle and operating a vehicle at an unsafe condition. The other deputy noticed a piece of steel pipe near Darling's pickup truck and a piece of angle iron in the back of his vehicle.

After the two deputies told Darling he was under arrest, Darling allegedly told them that he wouldn't let them take him to jail and started to fight back.

According to police, the deputies used a stun gun on Darling twice before they were able to handcuff him and move him into the backseat of a police car. Police say one of the deputies sustained minor injuries during the struggle.

Another Sheriff's Office then arrived on the scene and saw that Darling moved his handcuffed hands from behind his back to the front of his body. As the deputies removed Darling from the back of the police car so they could restrain him again, Darling allegedly lunged at the deputies, headbutting one of them in the face, giving them a bloody nose.

Darling was re-handcuffed and taken to the Washington Parish jail, where he was booked for three counts of resisting a police officer with force/violence, two counts of simple battery, two counts of simple escape, one count of theft of $750 or less and one count of unauthorized entry into a place of business.

Police said that while he was being booked, Darling continued to fight his arrest and spit on deputies.