NEW ORLEANS – Residents near the Broad Street pump who experienced heavy flooding last week said the latest news from Sewerage and Water Board just adds to their worries.

Fiztgerald Johnson spent Thursday morning cleaning up from the past weekend’s flood. The flood last week damaged his van, but the damage to his faith in the city he cherishes is immeasurable.

“We’re basically living in fear of flooding and I can’t swim,” said Johnson.

When asked if he trusted the city, Johnson replied, “Not really.”

Thursday’s admission that the Broad Street pumping station, just blocks from Johnson’s home, was not working during Saturday’s flood after city leaders have maintained for days that it was, was the last straw that left him shaking his head.

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Johnson said he does maintain a glimmer of hope that what he says is bad business and bad leadership will turn around after this incident.

“Time do bring on change so I’m hoping they get it together because this is a beautiful city and I love living here,” said Johnson.

For now, all residents can do near the station is move their cars and furniture to higher ground and hope for the best.