NEW ORLEANS – As we go into the final week of 2017, which has seen dramatic events in New Orleans, the collective attention is starting to turn to next year.

Christmas Days starts with Mass for many in New Orleans, and then for some, a gathering to celebrate.

As some saw their Christmas wishes come true, Eyewitness News asked what some residents wish for the entire city in 2018.

"That we go to the Super Bowl,” one resident said.

"My Christmas wish is a second Super Bowl, got to have number 2 more than 1,” another resident agreed.

Another Super Bowl win for the Saints was a popular wish for football fans, but some reflected on their concerns.

"I would like for the homeless people who live in the city to find places to live,” one woman said.

“For people just to be nicer,” another said.

Following a year that saw the city impacted by tornadoes and flooding, many though about the city's infrastructure.

"I really want to see our 300-year anniversary to go off with a big bang, like the streets they're working on, on Bourbon,” one man said.

Another person mentioned they want all the city's pumps to work.

For others, the wish is for the city to tighten up finances and give citizens a break.

"Gives us a decrease on taxes," another man said.

"Definitely want them to have their budget straightened out," one resident said.

But the wish many could agree upon was a city with less crime.

"A safer city, just a safer environment for our families and children," one woman said.