NEW ORLEANS – Many people across the nation are gearing up to watch the final presidential debate.
However, with some of the sensitive issues and attack methods being used in both candidates' campaigns, is the debate suitable for children?

In high school history class at Holy Cross, comparisons of past presidential debates with the current one is part of the curriculum. But for fifth graders this time, it is not.

"From an educational stand point, it's really hard for us to make something of value out of two adults who are acting less mature than our fifth graders, " said
Michael Arvites, the Social Studies Department Chair at Holy Cross.

An LSUHSC child psychiatry expert said with the topics being so personal in nature and about sexual allegations, tonight's debate may be better suited for eighth grade and older, or how comfortable parents feel with two things.

"One, do you feel like your child can learn something from watching this debate and if so what is it that you think your child can learn? And two, do you feel comfortable about talking to them about the very specific adult type issues that might come up?" explained Dr. Michelle Moore, LSUHSC clinical assistant professor of psychiatry.

"It is hard to let her watch it because it does seem like it's more of a circus or a Jerry Springer show than what's really important to America," said Shawna Sambola, mother to 13-year-old Isabella.

While it's hard for her as a mother, her daughter wants to watch.

"It's important to watch how their opinions on how they feel and how they’re going to make America right," said Isabella Sambola, a seventh grader at Audubon Charter.

So does a fifth grader on the debate team.

"Because I would like to know who is going to be the next president," said Oumar Diedhiou, 11.

But both students don't want the personal attacks.

"Yes, because they're not really focused on what's the real reason and the problems we're trying to deal with right now," said Sambola.

"I don't like it. It makes me not want to watch the debate. Makes me feel uncomfortable," said Diedhiou.

They will vote just two presidential elections from now.