METAIRIE -- Saints fans who don't make it up north on Sunday are still planning to tailgate here at home, and local grocery stores are preparing to meet those party demands.

Employees at Dorginac’s said they've been selling a lot of chips, queso, salsa and beer. Other big items are dips and party platters.

Susan Rangel works in the catering department and has been taking orders for Sunday nonstop. Orders can be placed through Saturday, and employees are making sure they have enough beer and chips to go around.

"We brought in extra staff to make sure we can accommodate everyone, just making sure we have plenty of product on the shelves for them,” Rangel said.

It's the same story at Canseco's Market. Employees there said the store will be packed Friday, Saturday and even Sunday during halftime with customers buying their game day favorites.

"Fried chicken, sandwiches and hot meatballs,” Saints fan Sandra Washington said.

“And some hotdogs,” Eddie Parker added. “Don't forget the hotdogs.”

So load up your cart because this is a special time of year.

"The city has a different energy when the Saints are winning,” Rangel said.

"I believe they're going to go all the way because I'm a Saints fan,” Parker said. “Absolutely.”

Now’s the time to stock up and cheer our boys on.

"We're very excited for the saints and we wish them the best,” Rangel said.