NEW ORLEANS -- Who Dat nation is getting ready for the playoffs.

On Sunday the Saints take on the Carolina Panthers at the Superdome. Some fans like to go to the stadium to watch the game, while others head to bars.

One couple, though, does not have to leave home. Kathy and Michael Hirsch are super fans, and their backyard is a mini Superdome experience. There's a huge projector to watch the game, posters, signs, lights, stadium seating, turf and a dome overhead.

“It's really fun, we just have a lot of fun out here,” Kathy Hirsch said. “It's just like being in the stadium.”

The Superdome replica started in 1991. Game watching started in the house but so many people joined the fan section that the party was forced outside.

“It's holy. This is where you want to be,” said Michael Hirsch. “The last live game I went to we left at halftime and came back here.”

The couple said that whenever the Saints make a big play, they bang a drum and lead off the “Who Dat” chant.

“We get loud,” Michael Hirsch said. “We get proud. We rock that roll.”

Kathy Hirsch agrees. “We're big Saints fans you can say that. This is affordable for everybody, it's a lot of fun and go Saints!”