BATON ROUGE -- A man who's accused of beating his wife died after she ran over him with a box truck.

According to our partners at The Advocate, 27-year-old Aaron Davis died Saturday, July 29, after his 29-year-old wife struck him with the truck Friday.

Baton Rouge police spokesman Sgt. L'Jean McKneely said Davis beat the unidentified woman after arguing with someone else at a RaceTrac gas station.

"He was upset at the fact that she didn't help him during the altercation," McKneely told The Advocate.

The couple returned to the gas station the next day to get surveillance video of the argument, but as Davis watched the video, his wife went to box truck driver to ask for help. Police say that, in a panic, the unidentified woman got into box truck and drove away.

After she drove to police headquarters, Davis, who had followed her, jumped onto the truck's cab. The woman then drove down the street with Davis clinging. As she approached an officer on the road, Davis fell off the truck and was run over.

Mckneely says it's unlikely the woman will face criminal charges.

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