PONCHATOULA -- Just hours after being released from the hospital, 62-year-old Lisa Wentworth is enjoying each moment of life with her husband, Holden Wentworth, by her side.

She can't help, but feel grateful.

"If it hadn't been for them, I don't know what would've happened," Lisa Wentworth said.

By them, she means her two guardian angels. Last Monday, Wentworth was leaving the gas station at the Circle K off Highway 22 in Ponchatoula when suddenly, she felt dizzy.

"It didn't seem to want to go away," Wentworth remembered. "I backed the car up and around and put it up against the curb. And, I turned the motor off .. and then I halfway sort of passed out. Went to the left I guess."

When she woke up, Wentworth opened her door and noticed two women and a small child coming out of a white SUV.

"I started calling to them I said, 'Help me! Please help!'" Wentworth said.

The two women came running.

"I said I'm really dizzy and I'm throwing up. And I think ya'll need to call the ambulance for me if you would please. She said, 'Oh yeah, No problem," Wentworth said.

While one of the women called 911, the other woman dialed Wentworth's husband.

"It was rough there for a little while," Holden Wentworth said. "To be together 45 years. You know, every time she hurts, I hurt."

Minutes after the call, paramedics arrived, rushing Wentworth to the hospital. After several tests, doctors told Wentworth she suffered a stroke.

Wentworth now wants to tell the women who came to her aide thank you. She also wants to personally thank them in person for their help.

"I appreciate what you did for me," Wentworth said.

"I would say thank you, bless you, and God's got a place for you. That's what I'd tell them," Holden Wentworth said.

If you know the two women who helped Mrs. Wentworth, please email cjackman@wwltv.com