JEFFERSON, La. -- "Out of nowhere, just all of a sudden, was spun around violently."

That's the last thing Madison Hunt remembers before she says her car and camper were hit by an Orleans Parish Sheriff Prison bus on I-55 the morning of April 6.

"When I came to ... I saw the bus like right there, kind of by my head," she remembered.

Hunt was traveling from her mom's home in Alabama to visit a friend in New Orleans. She lost everything in the crash and the injuries left her unable to move much of her left arm and leg. She says the pain is so excruciating she can barely hold a phone, let alone drive.

Since the accident, the money she had saved up has run out. A generous friend has let her stay with his family in a small room for the time being.

She's now stuck until insurance pays out and that could take months. So far she's not even sure they will cover anything beyond the value of her car.

"I had taken this one step to become an entrepreneur, I have worked since I was 14," Hunt said. "So I decided to do the life coaching thing, and I did not have personal medical insurance."

Hunt had packed up everything she owned with plans to become a life coach. It was a dream she had after battling cancer in her youth.

"As a child I had cancer twice -- once when I was three when I had leukemia, then when I was 12 I had acute lymphoblastic leukemia."

But now she's the one asking for some uplifting from others, as she tries to raise funds to go home.

"I just want to go home and be safe with my family and have that hug from my mom."

If you want to donate, you can check out the link here.