A single contractor submitted a proposal to take down three Confederate monuments of Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard and Jefferson Davis in New Orleans.

While Cuzan Services Limited submitted a $600,000 bid to remove the statues, the city says the budget estimate for the monument removal is $170,000.

The bid was opened Tuesday afternoon.

The deadline for bids to remove 3 of the 4 monuments -- Liberty Place was not included -- was 2 p.m. The city opened the bids, and the purchasing department is required by law to open the bids in a public space. 

The city statement on the bidding is as follows:

Today, Cuzan, LLC provided a bid to remove three of the Confederate monuments and will have three days to provide all post-bid documents required by law.  Given threats and violent acts towards previous contractors, we understand the increased costs can be due to increased risks. We remain committed to taking down the Confederate monuments and securing the funds necessary to do so.  The City has 45 days to award the contract.

The Monumental Task Committee also issued a statement about the lone bid:

"One bid in two years further demonstrates the unpopularity of removing historic features of New Orleans. It is obvious to all except the Mayor that very few people want these monuments hidden away. And it perfectly illustrates why lawmakers in Baton Rouge should support the three bills to preserve history and respect military veterans," said Pierre McGraw, MTC president. "The Monumental Task Committee firmly supports spending the budgeted money, which falls far short of the bid, to put up new monuments instead of tearing down nationally recognized and citizen funded landmarks."