NEW ORLEANS -- One person has died in a fatal car crash along Hayne Boulevard in New Orleans East.

According to New Orleans Police, two SUVs were racing against one another along Hayne Boulevard near Trapier Avenue when the vehicles bumped and lost control.

Both SUVs flipped over. The silver SUV 4-Runner rolled into the parking lot of a grocery store on Hayne. One person inside the 4-Runner was killed.

At this time, Hayne Boulevard remains closed in both directions between Crowder and Read streets.

New Orleans Police Department public information officer Dawne Massey said the white Chevrolet SUV involved was reported stolen around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night from Downman Road. Additional passengers were in both of the cars but fled the scene, Massey said.

The accident happened around 4:15 a.m. Thursday morning. A white SUV was involved in the crash and came to a stop on the sidewalk, just off the right Eastbound lanes of Hayne Blvd. A large amount of debris could be seen strewn across the roadway where the white SUV came to a stop.

PHOTOS | Debris strewn across Hayne Blvd. following fatal accident

A second vehicle was also involved in the accident. That car was a silver Toyota that flipped and came to a stop near Habibi Grocery on Hayne Boulevard.