NEW ORLEANS -- Minutes after a video was posted online showing people on ATVs riding through the French Quarter with an NOPD vehicle on the other side comments streamed in. Several of our viewers reached out saying they've seen similar activity on Claiborne and Carrollton avenues and in Gentilly.

"It's really unsafe, it's dangerous. They don't obey the stop signs and the lights and they drive in the neighborhoods, not just the main streets," said resident Adrian Dabney.

Videos posted on Instagram @neworleans_bikelife tag several different locations and show people on four wheelers and dirt bikes popping wheelies and doing other tricks.

Some residents say the tricks are dangerous but that's not the big issue; the problem is where they're doing them.

"In New Orleans, you really don't have an area for that but maybe they need to create that, that way they have an environment to go to instead of just riding in the streets openly," said Dabney.

And this is a subject that hits close to home. Two weeks ago, a man riding an ATV was killed on Chef Menteur Highway. Adrian Dabney says the victim was his cousin's husband—and he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt.

"She's at home like 'see ya later' then all of a sudden 'boom'. It was real devastating to the whole family," said Dabney.

In one Instagram video someone says they ride to stay out of trouble, saying:

Why I still ride bikes? If I wasn't riding bikes I'd probably be in jail, selling drugs, getting caught up. We trying to make a movement: bikes up, guns down.

We reached out to the group on social media. So far, we haven't gotten a response back from them. Meanwhile, police say they're going after the group.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said, "what we are trying to do is get them stopped, cited and/or arrested in a way that they don't flee (or) commit harm to themselves or other people in the general public."