NEW ORLEANS -- Saturday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu kicked off a new season of midnight basketball.

Season 14 of Midnight Basketball Started at the New Nord-C Milne Nola for Life Center.

The season is for 8 weeks and it focuses on providing safe recreational activity, jobs and other opportunities in heavy crime areas for males 16 years old and older.

The young men learn skills on and off the court.

"It's crucial Milne sits in the heart of Gentilly, and so many kids each day gravitate to this area looking for something to do, trying to find themselves to get productively involved in and it's a great opportunity right now," Patrick Young, a trainer said.
Since Midnight Basketball started in 2012, the program has helped 13,000 participants get access to jobs, job training and education.

In addition, the basketball team that wins the most tournaments receives a $1,000 grand prize.