Some residents in New Orleans East have complained about police response times in the city.

William Williams said his cousin waited nearly three hours for police to arrive after getting into a car crash.

"Just for one car to write the report, no backup or ambulances, just to write the report and get the details about what's going on," said Williams.

And some people would like to see that change. Residents want police to show up faster when they call.

The worse the neighborhood, the longer the response time is going to be. You hardly see them at all when you need them," said a man who only wanted to be identified as Jay.

Meanwhile other neighborhoods like the Garden District have hired private security to patrol the area in addition to police services. Patrol officers in the Garden District Security District can walk with you safely from your car to your door, check out anything suspicious—and they also work closely with NOPD to control crime. But could something like that work in the East?

"I don't really know. I don't think that would make a big difference," said Williams.

"I don't see that doing us any good. I don't see us paying extra taxes for someone to help us that I'm never going to see," added Jay.

Some residents say private patrol officers is a good concept—but they shouldn't have to hire anyone else to do a job they already pay for.

"Upper-class neighborhoods they're right there; that's what needs to change. We're all one, we deserve the same treatment," said Jay.

"I don't really think there's any excuse to come late to a crime scene or an accident or burning house or any incident," said Williams.

Police want to make it clear that the slower response times are not for emergencies.

"It needs to be clear that the response times causing complaints are not for emergency calls. Those calls are dispatched and handled immediately. The slow response complaints are regarding non-emergency calls which do not involve a crime of violence and simply require a report to be written," said 7th District Commander Lawrence Dupree.

Police say they are working every day to protect and serve the people of New Orleans and deliver results to keep people safe.

"Just yesterday, 7th District officers arrested a suspect for attempted murder and--- in the process--- took 10 guns off the streets of NOLA East. We are committed to being proactive against violent crime as well as property crime," said Dupree.

And NOPD are also willing to work with private security patrols if it is in the bet interest of citizens.

“The 7th District already has relationships established with private security patrols in Nola East. What is key is that the patrols are geared around the neighborhood's vulnerability and not cosmetically utilized," said Dupree.