ALGIERS, La. -- A group of New Orleans police officers is putting a smile back on the face of an Algiers teen who was robbed of his hoverboard last week.

On Tuesday December 27, surveillance video captured the incident just outside the 14-year-old's home.

In the video, the teen can be seen riding his hoverboard when two men walk up from the side of the house.

In a flash, they run up to the boy and shove him off the board. The 14-year-old decides to chase the two men, but then a car pulls up and the driver points a gun at the teen.

After seeing the story on the news, Officer Brian Pollard could not sit idly by.

"To know that this is just a normal kid minding his own business, in his own neighborhood, having fun, it really bothered me a lot," Pollard said. "I felt I needed to do something."

So the officer, along with Fourth District officers, decided to surprise the teen with a brand new hoverboard.