KENNER - One thing we’ve noticed about this election is the vital role social media has played. The old school idea of “keeping your vote a secret” has become a thing of the past. What better way to express your opinion to the masses than with the click of a button?

"I took a picture with my pin and I recorded it when I was walking to city hall,” voter Darrielle Scott said. “We were really excited.”

Whether it be Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, folks were ready to show off their ballot and their stickers. Scott didn't waste any time voting and wanted to document the experience online to encourage her friends to vote as well.

"To get my generation out- use social media,” Scott said. “That's the best way.”

Both candidates seem to agree with that this election cycle, relying heavily on the internet to get their message out. That strategy received mixed reaction among voters casting their ballot early on Tuesday.

"It goes straight from the campaign to your phone, you have a direct link to the voters to talk to them so why wouldn't you use that?" voter Ashlee Rivalto asked.

Others were more wary.

"I think social media has done a great injustice to this country all the liberal media they have tried to destroy Donald Trump and I happen to love Donald Trump,” voter Richard Wallace said.

Something must be working because voters were fired up.

"Oh my god I'd not be able to sleep at night if I didn't vote,” Rivalto said.

Whether it was a first time voter or a long time voter, city hall was filled with citizens ready to participate in democracy.