KENNER, La. -- Folks in Kenner who hoped to avoid the lines by voting early have been waiting up to an hour due to issues with the secure, fiber line that goes directly to the Registrar’s Office registration database.

The early voting location on Minor Street near Rivertown started experiencing the disconnect as early as 8:55 a.m. this morning, according to a voter in line.

The Jefferson Parish Registrar of Voters staff was forced to manually verify voters.

Eric Miller, owner of Miller Foto in Harahan, was waiting in line when the error occurred.

"Typically, voting at the Kenner location is smooth, but today they were totally unprepared for the computer outage," Miller said.

"There were no paper ballots printed and waiting. None of the staff's cell phones worked in the building. They appeared to not be prepared at all."

Miller said because of the issue, many people left.

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Jefferson Parish Registrar of Voters Dennis Dimarco said the staff was there late Monday night testing the systems.

"The sad part is, we were here late last night, checking every machine and every office and everything was working perfectly - last night," Dimarco said.

"We come in today, and we have a problem at this office. Can't explain it."

Meg Casper, Press Secretary at the Secretary of State's Office said the issue was not with the machines or the Internet, but the secure fibre line that connects directly to the Registrar's Office.

"It’s an important detail because our machines are never connected to the internet, thus, can’t be hacked," Casper said.