With just two weeks left before Election Day and early voting underway in Louisiana, candidates vying for David Vitter's open U.S. Senate seat are on the attack, unleashing a barrage of campaign commercials.

"They've got to throw everything but the kitchen sink at each other," WWL-TV Political Analyst Clancy DuBos said. "I think the tenor of the ads and the volume of the ads tells us that it's a close race before the top 4 or 5 candidates."

"They are aggressively competing for votes," Xavier Political Science Professor Silas Lee said.. "They are aggressively competing for the attention of voters who vote early and who haven't made up their minds."

The top Republicans in the race, John Kennedy, Charles Boustany and John Fleming have attack ads against one or both of their GOP opponents.

"Fleming knocks the other two for having a food fight. Kennedy criticizes Fleming and Boustany and Boustany mostly criticizes Kennedy," DuBos said.

The top Democrats, Foster Campbell and Caroline Fayard are also knocking each other.

"Fayard is trying to identify and label Campbell as someone who is tied to the establishment and she represents the fresh face," Lee said.

Both political analysts agree the Senate race is too close to call.

"You have three competitive and strong Republicans," Lee said. "Two competitive and strong Democrats."

Any two of the top five candidates could make the runoff here," DuBos said. "The expectation here is that we'll have a conservative and a Democrat, we'll see."

DuBos added that candidates in the senate race are so bunched up at this point, he wouldn't be surprised if the top five, finish within four or five points of each other on Election Night.

The primary election is November 8.