Should you have any information regarding voter fraud, vote buying, voter abuse or intimidation, citizens can contact the 'Protect Your Vote program' by calling toll-free, 800-722-5305.

The Protect Your Vote program is an initiative of the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office to educate the voters of the state and to ask law-abiding people to let us know when their most cherished right, the right to vote, is being abused.

Educate yourself about the laws that govern voter fraud and abuse speak with your friends and relatives and assist them in this educational effort as well and assist the staff of the Secretary of State’s Office in eliminating incidents of voter fraud and abuse by reporting such incidents to the Elections Compliance Unit.

Examples of voter fraud:

Address problems

If you receive a registration card from the Registrar of Voters' Office for someone who does not live at your address, call the Registrar of Voters' Office to report it.

Absentee voting by mail

First: Only vote by absentee if you want to. Do not let someone else convince you to vote by absentee by mail so that they may try to control your vote.

If voting by absentee, vote in private. Make sure the ballot flap is complete, signed and sealed to be mailed.

If someone tries to alter your vote, or take your ballot, contact local law enforcement or the Registrar of Voters' Office.

Voter intimidation

Make your own decisions. Do not let someone try to influence or scare you in any way into voting for someone they tell you to vote for. If someone tries to convince you to vote for his or her candidate, report the intimidation to the Registrar of Voters' Office.

Vote buying

Paying for your vote with money, gifts, alcohol or food is wrong. If someone tries to offer things of value in exchange for your vote, tell them you are not for sale and report them to the Registrar of Voters' Office.

To report any incidents of voter fraud to the Registrar of Voters' Office, call the office using this toll-free number, 800-722-5305.