NEW ORLEANS -- Republicans across the country, including those in Louisiana, condemned Donald Trump’s comments about women following the release of a 2005 tape that shows the real estate mogul speaking in graphic terms about groping women.

Congressman Steve Scalice called for a direct apology before Trump released a video via Facebook apologizing for what he said.

"Women deserve to be treated with respect. Period,” Scalise said in a statement. “Considering the nature of his comments, Donald should make a direct apology."

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Senator Bill Cassidy said Trump’s statements and actions brought to light by the tape released from 2005 are against their party’s values.

"Every life has value,” Cassidy’s statement read. “This has been part of the Republican Party platform since it was founded. Mr. Trump’s statements and actions as revealed in this release from 2005 do not represent this. They are to be condemned."

Rep. Charles Boustany condemned Trump’s comments as unacceptable.
“I strongly condemn these reprehensible comments. There is no situation where derogatory and chauvinistic language characterizing women in this way is acceptable.”