Mayor-elect Latoya Cantrell briefly addressed the investigation of her city credit card use during the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting Wednesday.

Cantrell is accused of using her city council credit card to spend thousands of dollars on personal or political expenses. On Friday, in a ruling in Cantrell's favor, a judge in New Orleans refused to remove herself or other state judges in the city from the Cantrell credit card investigation. An investigation the mayor-elect says is not worried about.

"I haven't done anything wrong, definitely not a criminal," said Cantrell. "I'm upfront and honest. I want people to understand that it's nothing that I'm hiding from and it's something that we will get through and get through together. I'm not concerned at all because I know I haven't done anything wrong."

Some members of the Chamber of Commerce fully support Cantrell while others are still concerned about the investigation.

Kelly Donlan with Dependable Care Services said, "I believe in my heart she was the best candidate for the position."

"I just want to make sure that it's as transparent as possible and just with the current climate, we really need to make sure the people we elect into office are forthright," said Erica Spruille, talking about the mayor-elect being transparent about the investigation.

"The election has taken place and if everything holds all we can ask is that the mayor elect does the job we need her to do," said Felton Jones, Ballard Brands. Cantrell says the investigation is a distraction and she isn't focused on it; she's focused on moving forward. "I'm focused on the transition, I'm focused on why I was elected to be the next mayor in the City of New Orleans," said Cantrell.