WASHINGTON, D.C. -- New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is set to meet with US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thursday regarding "sanctuary city" policies.

According to a release from the mayor's office, the meeting is slated to address law enforcement interactions and cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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Officials said New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison and City Attorney Rebecca Dietz were slated to attend the meeting and traveled to Washington, D.C.

Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was set to attend the meeting with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), the mayor's office said.

Late Wednesday evening, the Attorney General's office said Richmond could not attend, and only either Harrison or Dietz could be at the meeting. A source with knowledge of the meeting on Thursday told WWL-TV Richmond was never invited.

Landrieu issued a statement Wednesday evening disagreeing with the decision about who could or could not attend the meeting.

"Since this is supposed to be a meeting about substance, I cannot imagine why they are not willing to allow a mayor to bring the policy experts who can speak to the issues," said Landrieu. "Given the issues are both legal and law enforcement related, it only makes sense that we have all the parties at the table. It is clear that this meeting is a political stunt and is not designed to be substantive. If it was, they would have no problem including the City Attorney, Police Chief and Congressman. New Orleans is not a sanctuary city, and we will follow all laws. I am urging Attorney General Sessions and Senator Kennedy to allow our City's top law enforcement officer, lawyer and Congressman to attend so we can have a substantive discussion and put this issue to rest once and for all."