NEW ORLEANS - Republican John Kennedy is comfortably ahead of Democratic candidate Foster Campbell in the U.S. Senate runoff that will be decided Saturday, according to a poll recently conducted by the University of New Orleans.

The poll, conducted by surveying 776 registered Louisiana voters, showed Kennedy being favored by 62 percent of the respondents, to just 33 percent for Campbell. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.

Kennedy received overwhelming support from white voters, while Campbell was the choice of a majority of African-American voters. However, African-Americans were more likely to vote for Kennedy than white voters were to cast a ballot for Campbell.

Women were also more likely to say they would vote for Kennedy.

The survey also gauged opinions on Obamacare, which, unsurprisingly, was met with opposition in Louisiana. By a more than 2-1 margin, 66 percent to 28 percent. White voters were twice as likely as African-Americans to say it should be abolished. A majority of African-Americans were opposed to rolling back Obamacare, but a sizeable number did think it should be repealed.