NEW ORLEANS – Voters in New Orleans will be electing the city’s first woman mayor.

City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell and former Municipal Court Judge Desiree Charbonnet are in the runoff. Voters will also decide on two City Council seats among other decisions on the ballot.

It was a busy day for Arthur Morrell and his staff as voters made their way to the polls on Saturday.

“It's steady, they aren't rushing to the polls, but I think it's going to be a good turnout,” Morrell said.

One resident Andrew Grafe comes out to vote every single election.

“It's part of our duty as citizens of New Orleans to try to get the right person in the position to make the city better,” Grafe said.

Houston Bonneyman is one of those citizens trying to feel more connected to his new city.

“I’m not born and raised here, but I am trying to be a part of the city of New Orleans and I feel like to really be a part to really make things better. We should really do our civic duty and vote,” Bonneyman said.

Kevin Carroll’s family has been around for a while and that is why he votes.

“I just wanted to come and do my part, for those who went before me. My dad always voted, my mom always voted, the Carroll family always participated in the election process. It's important,” Caroll said.

More than half of New Orleanians who are eligible to vote stay home.

“You try to explain it to people. Tell them how important it is. Because I didn't, but other people have died so that people can vote and people just take it for granted and that's something you shouldn't take for granted,” Morrell said.