NEW ORLEANS- President Trump's administration wants access to voter information, but Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler says absolutely not.

"They're asking for a lot more information than just who voted. They want to know names, addresses, birth dates, the last four digits of your social, your mother's maiden name. That kind of information is a hackers dream," WWL-TV Clancy DuBos said.

In a statement today, Schedler, who is the head election official in Louisiana, said that the Trump Administration is "not going to play politics with Louisiana's voter data."

He also wrote "I have been fighting this kind of federal intrusion and overreach, and will continue to fight like hell for the people who trust me with the integrity of our election process."

The Trump Administration started a commission last month as part of an investigation into voter fraud, calling for all 50 states to hand over data. Political Pollster Silas Lee says there's little evidence of voter fraud.

"There have been more UFO sightings since 2010 than in-person cases of voting fraud," Lee said.

Louisiana and Mississippi are among two dozen states saying no to the President's request.

"For a Republican official to stand up and say no to the President takes a lot of courage," Dubos said. "And he's doing it for the right reasons."

Political experts believe election officials are not just worried about privacy issues, but also feel handing over sensitive information could compromise the public's faith in the electoral process.

"When you start to add to that suspicious that their personal information is not going to be protected. Then that does create more suspicion and fear and less people voting," Lee said.

Secretary of State Schedler also said he denied a similar request from the Obama Justice Department and will do the same with President Trump because he believes both of those cases were politically motivated.