METAIRIE- About 200 men and woman sat down in hospital chairs, getting their blood drawn for Rep. Steve Scalise.

"I graduated from here and he (Scalise) graduated from here," Metairie resident Paulo Casanova said as his blood was drawn inside the gym at Archbishop Rummel High School.

"I figured this is the least I could do," Metairie resident Mike Delahoussaye added.

The images from the day Rep. Scalise was shot during a practice for the congressional baseball game struck a nerve in Delahoussaye, but one light he noticed shine from the horrific ordeal: Respect and unity.

"I love what Cedric Richmond said and I love what Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. You know and they're on the other side, politically. And they were both very, very conciliatory about bringing us all back together," Delahoussaye said.

Those signs of respect and togetherness between republicans and democrats, however, are already fading.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Richmond exchanged strong words with Republican Steve King from Iowa after King compared New Orleans' homicide rate to El Salvador. A choice of words, Rep. Richmond took offense to.

"Words and actions have consequences," Rep. Richmond said. "And we just saw it days ago! And we promised to do better. Because words have consequences."

In Nebraska, a democratic was fired from his position after apparently saying he was glad Rep. Scalise got shot.

It's not just politicians. Strong words from actor Johnny Depp sparked controversy after he joked about assassinating President Donald Trump.

"When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?" Depp said.

He later apologized.

"It goes too far," Delahoussaye said about the state of political rhetoric.

"It really doesn't matter what your political views are what you believe in. Find common ground. Let's come together," Don Stout, Alumni Director of Archbishop Rummel High School said.

It's finding common ground that brought these residents together for Steve Scalise. And it's what they hope keeps the nation together, long after he recovers.