Folks rushed into New Orleans Party and Costume store in the Warehouse District Tuesday to get their last minute Halloween costumes. From cats to Disney princesses to Ninja Turtles, everyone was getting ready for the big night. For store owner Rocky Deckert, Halloween marks the end of the busiest season of the year with Mardi Gras a close second.

"There are very creative people in New Orleans,” Deckert said.

Popular costumes this year were Game of Thrones, Beauty and the Beast and of course current events.

"Obviously anything to do with politics,” Deckert said. “Politicians are always a good target for a costume."

With these costumes, customers are ready for a night filled with candy or something a little harder.

"Getting pretty bit wild tonight, hopefully, especially on Bourbon Street,” Jarrod Gardiner said.

"I'm going to go drink a lot of sake and have sushi. I'm going to try to pace myself. I don't know if that's going to be possible because after all I have nine lives," Caleb Law said, dressed in his cat costume.

There's something special about Halloween in New Orleans. Jarrod Gardiner and Ben Turmbell traveled from New Zealand and Australia respectively to experience Halloween in America.

"They don't do it very big over in New Zealand so it will be good to experience especially in New Orleans," Gardiner said.

"I'm going to be wearing this costume all day,” Law said. “That's how Halloween is in New Orleans."

With their costumes in bags or already on, most are dying to begin a night of spooky fun.

“It’s going to be a good night,” Law said.