NEW ORLEANS - It's the first Friday in the season of Lent, and that means for many religious observers, seafood is what's for dinner.

At Bevi Seafoods, owner and operator Nick LeBlanc woke up early to prep.

"This is how we do it all day long, you know you roll one pot to the other," said LeBlanc.

He expects to go through at least 4,000 pounds of just crawfish alone.

The surging tide of customers is also showing up at other seafood eateries, like the Blue Crab.

"Ash Wednesday we had 1,100 customers," said owner Nick Asprodites.

But there's one thing that will be hard to find this season, fresh locally caught blue crab. That's bad news for a restaurant called the Blue Crab.

"It's been a challenge we're working through it," said Asprodites.

Fortunately for him, the ban this year has fallen in the middle of crawfish season, although Asprodites says he wishes the state regulators would restrict crab sales out of state rather than cut it off.

"We're selling 600 pounds of seafood a day so we're okay," said Asprodites.

Asprodites, as well as Leblanc are trying to remain optimistic, they hope once the ban is over, demand will rise. And it turns out, some seafood lovers aren't all that upset.

"It wasn't a big issue, no," said Paul Perez, a customer at the Blue Crab.

Those we talked with chalk it all up to yet another sacrifice being offered for Lent.