Monday another construction project begins in New Orleans-this time in Lake View. Crews will close the intersection of Canal St. And City Park Avenue for four months to extend the street car line. Local businesses in the area are doing what they can to prepare for the disruption.

“We ordered some signs and are going to try to put some signs up,” Rosedale owner Susan Spicer said.

Down the street at The Bulldog, Operations Manager David Cross is getting ready too.

“We've already decided during football season we're going to have block parties and put some tables outside to entice people to come in,” Cross said.

Because beginning tomorrow businesses near Canal Street and City Park Avenue will be cut off.

“I was a little bit concerned that people might have a harder time getting here,” Spicer said.

Crews will close down parts of Canal Street, Canal Boulevard and City Park Avenue in order to extend the street car line. It's expected to be done around Thanksgiving.

“Well this is New Orleans, it may take 4 months, it may take longer,” Spicer said. “I doubt it will take less.”

Business owners say the project will be good for the city.

“I understand what it's about and how it will be more convenient for people making those connections,” Spicer said.

“In the end, it's going to be a very positive thing for the area and the tourists and the people who ride the streetcar,” Cross added.

But for the businesses, it's going to be a difficult few months to get to that point.

“Obviously all the businesses around here are very concerned,” Cross said.

All they can do now is wait it out and wish for the best.

“I'm hoping, in the long run, it will be good for everybody,” Spicer said.

The RTA on Tuesday issued the following guidelines:

Drivers traveling east to west, from Lakeview or City Park toward Canal Street, Interstate 610 or Interstate 10 westbound: Use North Carrollton Avenue to Tulane Avenue to access I-10, and use City Park Avenue, Marconi Drive and Navarre Avenue to access Delgado Community College and I-610 westbound.

Drivers traveling west to east, from Metairie toward City Park and Lakeview: Use I-10 eastbound and exit at Carrollton or Tulane; use I-610 eastbound to access the Navarre neighborhood and Marconi Drive.

Drivers traveling north to south, from Metairie, Lakeview and the I-10/I-610 split toward downtown:Use I-10 and exit at Tulane Avenue; or use I-610 and exit at Canal Boulevard and take a left on Navarre, a right on Marconi, a left onto Orleans Avenue and a right on North Carrollton to access Canal Street.

Drivers traveling south to north, from downtown toward I-10/I-610 and Metairie, Mid-City and Lakeview: Take Canal Street to Carrollton Avenue and access the on-ramp to I-10 at Tulane Avenue. The City Park exit will be inaccessible, so the Florida Avenue exit can be used to access Canal Boulevard and I-610.