NEW ORLEANS -- It's as if it has become part of living in the city- dealing with construction projects and road closures or delays.

How much longer will residents be dealing with some major traffic headaches in the area?

Here is an update on the SELA projects that are set to improve drainage systems:

The Louisiana Avenue Canal

  • Start Date: July 2014
  • Current Completion Date: November 2018
  • Current Construction Cost: $82.6 million
  • Current Status: 66 percent complete

Napoleon Avenue Canal

  • Start Date: July 2013
  • Current Completion Date: November 2017
  • Current Construction Cost: $55.9 million
  • Current Status: 54 percent complete

“With all our hard work and money, I hope it's worthwhile, I really do,” resident Elise Hanemann said about the Louisiana Avenue project.

The completed part of the Napoleon project has brand new street lights and there are two massive drainage canals under the neutral ground. As of October 5, half of Napoleon is still under construction and won’t be finished until after Mardi Gras. Some residents said they are worried about the festivities with Napoleon still under construction.

"I can't wait till the construction gets done up here because it's awful,” Demetris Dillard said. “The parade is coming up. My daughter marches here. It's awful. The dirt, the sand, everything. I can't wait."

Jefferson Avenue Canal

Start Date: Jan 2013
Current Completion Date: Nov 2016
Current Construction Cost: $46.2 million
Current Status: 98 percent complete

At 98 percent completion right now, Jefferson Avenue is the closest canal project to being finished, but the people who live on the road say they're not sure it will be finished by next month.

"I doubt it seriously,” one resident said. “Not at the rate they're going."

Bonus: Wisner Bridge

The Wisner Bridge project is supposed to be complete by next year. The $19.5 million project is replacing the Wisner bridge over Interstate 610 as well as adding new steel girders and a bike lane.

For more information on SELA projects, visit their website: