NEW ORLEANS -- US Highway 90 claims the lives of dozens of drivers every year and now it's ranked as one of the most dangerous highways in the nation, according to a study by Geotab.

According to data from the National Traffic Safety Administration, the highway averages 27 fatalities a year. Drivers who use US 90 often were not surprised to hear that.

Spahr's Seafood is just off Highway 90 and employees have seen their fair share of car accidents.

"Four or five that have almost killed people, people have been airlifted," employee Christopher Tate said.

Owner Brent Roger agreed, remembering a recent accident involving a police officer.

"Someone slammed into the back end of a car, causing it to go across the highway into oncoming traffic and hit a police officer head on," Roger said.

The stretch of roadway has a deadly past.

"They had bumper stickers on cars, my parents told me, that said 'Pray for me I drive on Highway 90,'" Tate said.

That past continues into today. A study names US 90 the 13th most dangerous highway in the nation and the most dangerous in the state, with the deadliest accidents happening in St. Mary, St. Charles and Iberia parishes.

"You go every mile there's a cross on the road for someone who died whether it be 20 years ago or 5 months ago," Tate said. "It's countless. A friend of mine got killed on the highway. It happens on this road. It's just too dangerous."

For now those who have to drive on the highway take precautions.

"I'd rather get off at night because it's just so much easier for me to get across this highway and when I get off at 3 it makes me really nervous and stressed out," Lindsey Sapih said.

They hope one day something will change, but so far the highway's infamous reputation continues.

Drivers have some suggestions on how to make this road safer. They say they need wider turning lanes and they also say people drive way too fast.