BILOXI, Miss. – People who saw an accident that left four people dead and dozens injured Tuesday say it was nothing short of a tragedy.

Authorities said around 2:15 p.m., a charter bus trying to cross the railroad tracks got stuck.

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Craig Robinson Jr. heard the commotion and said that’s when instincts kicked in.

“Probably ten minutes before the crash, I took off running trying to get them off,” he said. “The moment I saw the train, I knew it wasn’t going to end well.”

He was with his father and uncle at the time. The train couldn’t stop in time, and collided with the bus.

“It was loud, seemed in slow motion,” Robinson, Jr. said.

The bus was pushed about 300 feet down the railroad tracks before the train could stop. Witnesses said the scene was horrific.

VIDEO: Four dead after train slams into tour bus in Biloxi, Ms.

As police investigate, the Robinsons said they’re thinking about everyone involved, and wish they could’ve done more to get everyone out before the collision.

“To see life end that quick, in a flash,” Robinson Jr. “They weren’t thinking about death today.”

Eight people are still listed in critical condition.

City officials said family members with inquiries may call the Biloxi Police Department at (228) 392-0641.