COCODRIE -- Thursday morning, we left from Cocodrie, crossed Lake Pelto, and fished the beaches, platforms and oyster reefs.

And you should too!

Fishing gets a little harder this time of year, but live minnows, live shrimp and live croakers can make it a little easier. One of the best live baits for the dog days of summer is the cockaho minnow. Trout love them!

Captain Aaron Laurent with Cocodrie Charters said you're best off letting them sit.

"If you move it around a lot, you're going ot end up getting hung up," he said. "We do it on a Carolina rig with about an 18-inch leader."

Thirteen-to-fourteen inch trout is probably the average size for trout this time of year. And now is when the Cocodrie beaches have their bull red fish run.