The Chandeleur Islands are Louisiana’s first line of storm protection and a valuable bird rookery but in tonight’s Fish and Game Report Don Dubuc says fishermen are “flocking” there for a different reason – big speckled trout.

Whether you get there by air and fish by land or by boat, the Breton, Gosher, Freemason and Curlew islands have come alive with those big specks making them a favorite destination. The advantage of a late spring trip combines the action of winter time bull reds with those beautiful spotted sea trout. General rule - find the schools of mullet and you’ll find the trout underneath. It's 30 minutes to an hour boat ride from launches at Venice, Hopedale or Delacroix Island but only 28 minutes by Bourgeois Charters seaplane out of Lafitte. The red fish will begin tapering off but the specks will be there now throughout the summer.